So many choices
So much to decide
There’s always the question
Are we doing it right
When it comes to living
We dance in the dark
On our path to the future
The road is unmarked

Oooh we live and we learn
It’s no use to linger in yesterday
Live in the here and now and don’t be afraid
To get yourself burned
Brush yourself off and be on your way
No matter what it takes

It makes no difference if we try
To take control over our lives
Cuz in the end only faith will decide
It’s a gamble, roll the dice
In life there is no wrong or right
There’s no need to see it all in black and white

There are no limits to who you wanna be
Just believe and you’ll be free
There are no limits, aim beyond the stars
And you’ll understand how the world
fits right into your hand

Be who you want to be
Only if you believe

No Limits

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Steve Dekay With Cari – No Limits

Artist : Steve Dekay
Genre : Trance
Catalog ref. : AVAW184
Format : Digital Download

One of our favorite vocals returns to AVA and she’s teamed up with Steve Dekay for the powerful No Limits. No doubt expected and firmly delivered, the duo rise to the occasion with a roaring uplifting trance piece that delights and hits all the right notes. We can’t get enough!